Content Curation Strategy 2012

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  1. Neil thanks for sharing, I was doing some research for content creation and came to your video. I will be using some of your strategies…Again thanks and I will see you on your blog….Bart Nash

  2. Great Information!

  3. Mr. Ferree. Super video on this topic.Your are to the point and clearly knowledgeable about this,
    I am off to your site now to learn more ! Really valuable information that you provide. Thank you.

  4. Good stuff Neil. Just the right timing to promote some of my blogs..

  5. just got into content curation. great info and great strategy. i definitely going to use some of your suggestions. thanks!

  6. agree, great video hitting some good stuff and sticking the important aspects of the good stuff at that!

  7. SteveLanning1

    Thanks, Neil,
    We are a non-profit in the age 65+ to the estate distribution market–a lot of niches. If I can get my head around your great curation content I believe I could really benefit our coming website (which I trust will be around in about three weeks!). GREAT job.

  8. PostRank was “supposed” to go dark on April 1st (but) for some reason, my Google Reader is still scoring existing Blog entries. I suspect an active account is some how being “grand fathered” or maybe these PR score will evaporate over time, not sure?

  9. TheCroonquist

    That’s really advanced thinking, and way to go on recycling a defunct linking method and turning it back into something that works. I will run that search after this comment and see what I can learn there. FYI did you know the PostRank extension is no more?

  10. Coolio • glad you got some value from this piece. You probably already now this, but as you develop your content curation and syndication strategy, you’ll want to add a heavy dose of “social shares” to your marketing mix. Mater of fact, if you search Google for this longtail “social shares link wheel” you’ll come across 3-4 web pages I’ve done that might aid as well.

  11. Mr.. Ferree. Super video on this topic. I have perused Youtube all morning ttrying to find adequate information on this topic. Your are to the point and clearly knowledgeable about this,
    I am off to your site now to learn more !

  12. Great video! Im trying to hop on the curation bandwagon.

  13. @tommyisastrategist Thanks for the positive feedback @tommyisastrategist Good affirmation always welcomed cya round campus :: Neil

  14. Thx Tommy. I’m liking the good 411 you send to your newsletters subscribers. Now THAT amigo is some good stuff!

  15. tommyisastrategist

    This is great stuff Neil! You’re right, I did like it!