Shaklee | Your Number One Problem With Shaklee Opportunity!

Advertising and marketing Assist Video clip Score: four / 5

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  6. I can see through you man.

  7. I am very interested in your lead program.

  8. Thanks for telling the truth and I like what you are offering here.

  9. If you have a system that works I am all in!!

  10. Glad to hear you are stepping up and bringing this problem to light. GREAT company, GREAT product, but there needs to be a better marketing program.

  11. I like what I am hearing here. I am off to your website to learn more.

  12. MLKFREVR–That is so true–People at the top of this company know how to market properly and have an effective business system in place. That’s what I need.

  13. The BIG BOYS all have marketing system for getting regular leads that turn into business. I want in.

  14. I knew there had to be an easier way–trying to convince my family and friends is for the birds.

  15. I CAN and WILL make my business grow this year. You are exactly correct. If you can show me how to harness the power of the Internet and get good leads that would be great.

  16. My company is very well known and offers products that truly enhance lives. But a good marketing program is vital. I am off to yur website to learn more about what you are offering.